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Zeal Aqua believes in producing the best quality shrimp while attaining the highest productivity, which it has been achieving year after year through its Advanced & Hightec 66 PE-LINED Ponds and over 200 state-of-the-art Earthern Ponds.
The core business of Zeal Aqua is cultivation of shrimp, supply of inputs required for shrimp cultivation like, feed, seed, Probiotics/medicines etc.

Zeal aqua is also engaged in satellite farming where inputs are given to the local farmers from one agency which provides resources and other Essentials as Seed, Feed and Medicines to harvest shrimp across dedicated or shared ponds.

Zeal Aqua boasts of having one of the very latest and most Advanced infrastructure present in Aqua Culture Farming Industry, we have been awarded for Best Farmers & Leadership in Aqua Culture for Vannamei and Tiger shrimp, for our continues innovation, development and achieving highest productivity.

At Zeal Aqua the dedicated team of hardworking and talented individuals is one of the core strength of Zeal Aqua, who are passionate & skilled to provide results at par with excellence.

The Team at Zeal Aqua is leaded by the Management consisting of Mr Pradip Navik & Mr Shantilal Patel whose combined experience of over 20 years in Aqua Culture Farming providing Zeal Aqua the expertise and immense knowledge, and Mr Rohan Naviks Dynamic & Streamlined vision has led to produce exceptional results year after year, making Zeal Aqua as one of the Leader for shrimp Farming across India

The Motto although for Zeal Aqua has always been :

  • People Matters Most
  • Achieve Excellence at Results
  • Improve together


Zeal Aqua has an experienced & talented team of over 300 people directly working at Zeal Aqua and more than 800 People who are benfitted by indirect employment.

The Team at Zeal has a vast experience with Aqua Culture Development technique which provides us an extra edge to produce and perform always exceedingly and above par with excellence.

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Awards & Excellence

The Founders of Zeal Aqua have been honoured with various awards for their pioneering work in the field of Aqua Culture Development by various prestigious Institutions from all over India.

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