Aquaculture Farming

Shrimp Farms

Zeal Aqua is committed to acquire shrimp seeds bred in the most hygienic and regulated environment to ensure high quality. High quality seeds naturally produce the best shrimp. Hence, we are extremely quality conscious and maintain strict Quality Control at all levels of production. Moreover, all inputs have traceability; it is an important aspect in seafood safety. We use best quality shrimp feed that is free from antibiotics and other banned substances. We use state of the art technology at our all farms to produce the best quality shrimp in optimum time.

Satellite Farming

The concept of Satellite Farming that we have introduced, helps small aqua farmers to obtain all the best quality inputs at very reasonable cost. They get most advanced technologies at no extra cost. Our well trained technicians educate all these farmers on Bio-Security, Crop Safety, Sustainability, Food Safety, Traceability, Abuse of Antibiotics, etc. to produce the best quality shrimp.