Zeal Aqua was the first to Introduce L. Vannamei in PE Lined Ponds Culture in Gujarat. We are the largest producersof L. Vannamei Shrimp across Gujarat and are among the first to achieve a 23 Count Shrimp Production.

We choose the best quality Broodstock, that is selected from the most renowned Hatcheries. It is scrutinized and maintained under very strict supervision by Zeal Aqua`s Specialist Team and third party agencies as it passes through various processes like maturation, andspawning until hatching. After very stringent health and disease related testing, the Shrimp Seed is then transported from hatcheries to farming facilities for further cultivation.


Zeal Aqua was the first to introduce Vannamei Culture in Gujarat in 2010.

Zeal Aqua,being the pioneer, was the first to introduce 100% HDPE lined ponds in India, thereby raising the bar of quality and health standards.We were also the first to achieve 23 count Vannamei in India.

Zeal Aqua Vannamei farms are equipped with high-tech facilities and state-of-the-art Infrastructure of Bio-Security, Auto Feeders and Good Aeration Systems. . To safe guard our production and provide the best quality shrimp, all our Vannamei shrimp are produced in PE Lined ponds. PE Lined ponds are advantageous to us and our customers, because they yield a higher quality of shrimpthat have a better colour after cooking.

Absolutely no steroids or antibiotics are used in the farm or any other areas of production,, ensuring that all our produce is totally hygienic, safe and secure, thereby producing the best farm fresh quality delicious shrimp.

Production & Export

With our new processing plant nearing completion, Zeal Aqua is set to provide full end-to-end shrimp production and processing. Being the leading producers of shrimp across south Gujarat, we will be catering to markets in Europe, UK, Africa, USA & Japan.

Nutrition Summary

1 serving of White Shrimp (Vannamei):

80 Calories 0g of Fat 19g of Protein

Calorie Breakdown: 0% Fat, 7% Carbs, 93% Protein.

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