Shrimp Feed, Medicines & Probiotics

Production & Quality

Zeal Aqua is a major Distributor of Shrimp Feed with over 5000 tons of Shrimp Feed distribution for the year 2013.

Zeal Aqua feeds the shrimp daily with a quality proprietary mix of vitamins and other ingredients, thus ensuring that the shrimp grow to their best size, shape and are of the highest quality.

Why Use Shrimp Feed

  • Higher survival rate
  • Shrimp grow larger in fewer days
  • Know what your shrimp are eating


More consistent nutrition.

A good feeding program is critical to the success of any shrimp operation. The nutrients in Shrimp Feed are tailored to provide the highest quality nutrition to develop the shrimp without any adverse effects on water quality, which could lead to poor growth and health.

Faster development and growth.

The consistent nutrition and better water quality help improve shrimp growth rate and shorten crop time, to produce stronger and healthier shrimp and improve profitability.

Easier feeding.

The nutrient beads remain intact until eaten by the shrimp. It is easy to adjust feeding to meet the actual needs of your shrimp,without concerns of overfeeding and water pollution.

Customized formulations for specific stages.

Feeds are sized and formulated for specific stages to meet the needs of growing shrimp. Moreover, the high availability of quality nutrients in the feed also allows easy absorption in the developing intestine.

Better water quality.

The Feed is highly water stable and remains intact until eaten by the shrimp,thereby reducing the risk of pollution. The probiotic bacteria in feeds also help prevent the accumulation of toxic compounds, such as ammonia. In addition, there is a reduction in water to be exchanged, which helps to mitigate the environmental impact associated with Shrimp production.

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Shrimp Feed Distribution in 2013