Processing & Freezing Facility

Zeal Aqua has already taken steps forward towards achieving its vision of becoming a totally self-integrated aquaculture company by constructing a state-of-the-art shrimp processing plant. The Plant will have the latest freezing facilities such as:

  • Blast Freezing
  • Plate Freezing
  • IQF
  • Block Freezing

Zeal Aqua has set up it's Processing Plant close to its existing High Tech Farms. This will be advantageous for both ourselves and our clients, as we are able to freeze the shrimp as fast as possible after they are harvested from the ponds.

This facility will give us an edge and help us to achieve better quality of the frozen product.

Bio Security

Zeal Aqua takes utmost care of all aspects of bio-security. All our farms are fully bio-secured to ensure produce without any infection.

Major bio-security measures implemented at Zeal Aqua are, Bird Fencing, Crab Fencing, Dog Fencing, Facilities of Disinfection & Hygiene control for the workers. We take utmost care to avoid cross contamination by using different sets of equipment for different ponds. Zeal Aqua has got many awards in Bio-security.